Consultants for Columbus Schools pledge to follow sunshine laws in new superintendent search

From The Columbus Dispatch

The next superintendent of Columbus City Schools might be announced in mid-October and on the job by January, under a timeline the Columbus Board of Education set with its hired search firm on Monday night.

During a special meeting, representatives from Chicago-based B.W.P. & Associates advised board members that they need to broaden who they would consider for the job.

Retired superintendents from other states, deputy superintendents from urban districts and those serving as interim superintendents would be good choices because they tend to have relevant experience and more flexibility to start mid-year, said search consultant Debra Hill.

... The search consultants said they recognize that Ohio law requires that the names of superintendent applicants be made public. Hazard, Young, Attea & Associates, which conducted a search for Columbus superintendent earlier this year, kept some candidates secret.

“We understand the Sunshine Law and we’re going to follow it ...” said B.W.P. representative Kevin Castner. “We’re going to have to make sure that we do exactly what your legal counsel tells us for Ohio.”

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