Citizen asks state claims court to get records from Goshen Township

From The Times Reporter

A citizen has complained to the Ohio Court of Claims that Goshen Township Fiscal Officer Amanda Spies has not supplied public records she requested more than four months ago.

“I feel that I have given Fiscal Officer Spies ample time to fulfill my public records request,” Darissa Lute wrote in her complaint. “She has continued to make excuses and drag her feet on my request.

“This was a simple request, which should have been easily fulfilled in a timely manner. We are now (past) 120 days and I still have not received the records that I requested and paid for.”

Lute asked for lists of payments and receipts, budgets, appropriations and monthly reconciliations. She also sought written records of meetings of the three-member board of township trustees, copies of the fiscal officer’s bond, and the hours of accredited training she had taken. The records requested on June 6 are from years 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Lute, fiscal officer for the village of Port Washington, was among the candidates who opposed Spies for the position of Goshen Township fiscal officer in the 2015 election.

Spies contends she has given Lute the records she requested.

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