Frontier Local school district mum on conceal carry program

The Marietta Times The administration for the Frontier Local school district says they won’t release the number of employees who have applied to carry guns while at school or how many are actually in possession of the weapons.

While there have been arguments that such information would fall under public information under Ohio’s laws, most experts say that it doesn’t–or that it least falls into a gray area not clearly defined. A recent Ohio law says that names of those carrying concealed weapons in schools should not be revealed but does not specifically address whether other information–such as how many employees are approved to do so–should be released.

The Frontier board passed a policy in December that allows employees approved by the superintendent to have concealed weapons in district buildings.

“Each district that has approved this policy is handling it in their own way,” said Dick Caster, safety and security consultant for the Ohio School Boards Association. “Some have publicly said they have armed staff and released specifics on what they’re doing while some districts haven’t said anything.”

Brian Rentsch, superintendent for Frontier Local Schools District, said that releasing the numbers associated with those carrying weapons on school grounds is against the confidentiality portion of the program.

“I will not and cannot divulge that information,” he said.

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