Treasurer Josh Mandel and Auditor Dave Yost announce integration with Local Government Accounting Portal

From an Ohio Auditor press release

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel and Ohio Auditor Dave Yost announced today the partnership between and the Auditor’s Uniform Accounting Network (UAN).  Local governments utilizing UAN can now, through the website, submit their year-end financial reports to the Auditor and choose to have UAN transmit their checkbook level spending to the in a quick, easy and convenient process.

Created by the Auditor’s office, the Uniform Accounting Network (UAN) is a user-friendly financial management package designed to assist local governments in meeting the required accounting standards.  Over 1,900 of Ohio’s townships, villages, libraries and special districts use UAN for their daily accounting operations.  Over 300 of these local governments are currently committed to posting their spending on

This partnership now gives local governments the option to upload their year-end financial statements required by the Auditor’s office while also submitting the files needed to join  Local governments simply need to select the option to join and choose the years of data they wish to upload.

“The Auditor of State’s Office and Office of the Ohio Treasurer both have a well-established tradition of promoting transparency in Ohio’s governments,” Auditor Yost said. “This partnership will make it even easier for local governments to assure taxpayers their dollars are spent properly.”

“I believe the people of Ohio have a right to know how their tax money is being spent,” said Treasurer Mandel.  “By partnering with the Auditor’s office, we’ve made it even easier for many local governments across Ohio to manage their finances and shine sunlight on spending decisions with only a few clicks of the mouse.”

“The Treasurer’s office and the Auditor’s office continually show their commitment to government transparency, and have built an even easier tool to help Ohio’s local communities demonstrate complete transparency with their constituents,” said Village of South Zanesville Fiscal Officer Chris Kerby.

“With this new reporting tool, it takes only minutes to get signed up and update our online checkbook,” said Village of West Jefferson Fiscal Officer Debbie Dileo.  “That leaves more time to dedicate towards my constituents.”

In December 2014, Treasurer Mandel launched, which sets a new national standard for government transparency and for the first time in Ohio history puts all state spending information on the internet.