OCOG's summer 2016 Open Government Report now available

The summer 2016 edition of the OCOG’s Open Government Report is now available. The issue provides special coverage of police body cameras and public records in Ohio, including tracking which law enforcement agencies in the state are using or considering using the cameras. Also included in the issue is coverage of recent improvements to Ohio’s open records laws along with a roundup of state open government news and editorials.

Click here to download the report as a PDF.

OCOG’s resources are limited – less than $65,000 at this writing. It operates based on this small amount of invested funds and pro bono staff and logistical support from the parent Ohio Newspapers Foundation.  A single legal battle easily can cost $5,000 or more, and protracted legal disputes are far more expensive.  The demand on OCOG’s funds, particularly to support litigation on open government issues, keeps growing.

With that in mind, please consider OCOG as part of your 2016 charitable giving. OCOG is a 501(c)3 organization that accepts tax-deductible contributions.

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