Formal complaint filed against Huber mayor as spat over councilmen accessing public records continues

From The Dayton Daily News

A discussion about city council members accessing public records during off-hours was pre-empted in part by a formal complaint filed against the mayor.

Councilmember Ed Lyons asked surveillance video screen shots of Councilmen Richard Shaw and Glenn Otto exiting city hall with documents during off hours be placed on Monday night’s work session agenda. Shaw and Otto maintain the documents are copies of public records, but Lyons has argued the actions have placed records in jeopardy.

Before the discussion could take place, however, Mayor Tom McMasters reviewed a complaint filed by a member of the public and obtained by this news agency. The complaint argues that “if there is to be an implication of wrong doing in reference to a missing document against a council member(s) this matter either needs to be filed as a complaint to the Mayor or needs to be held in Executive Session.”

Although Lyons requested the photos be attached to the agenda, the complaint was filed against McMasters in his capacity for setting the agenda for work sessions. Vice Mayor Tyler Starline is conducting the investigation.

The seven-hour public work session – punctuated by one 10 minute break and an executive session to discuss real estate – adjourned around 1 a.m. Aside from the after-hours issue, council discussed additional changes to the records policy at length. Further discussions will continue next month after the law director returns from a personal holiday overseas.