Rocky River Police Department puts reports online

From The Plain Dealer

You can now access Rocky River Police Department reports online anytime.

Incident and traffic reports are now posted on the city's website within 24 hours, cutting down the previous several-day wait time to get copies of reports at the police department.

"It's all public records, so it just makes sense," police Chief Kelly Stillman said. "As far as efficiency goes, most people have home computers and instead of traipsing down to the police department to get a report, they can just get it with the click of a mouse."

The city paid a one-time $1,200 fee for the Records Online software. There is no maintenance charge, the chief said.

The department announced the reports were online Monday. Reports dating back to April 1 are posted, and records clerks are still working to get more reports online.

"Our goal is to go back as far as we can and get reports updated," Stillman said.

To access police reports, go to and click the links for incident and traffic accident reports at the bottom of the page.