Updated Sunshine laws manual now online

From The Columbus Dispatch The updated owner’s guide to public-records and open-meeting laws in Ohio was released today by the office of Attorney General Mike DeWine.

The so-called "Yellow Book" is updated annually and released during Sunshine Week to reflect changes in law and court rulings during the past year.

“The ‘Yellow Book’ is published to help requesters understand their rights and for government agencies to understand their obligations under Ohio’s Sunshine Laws,” DeWine said in a release. “ Knowing what is required when you submit or receive a records request is the easiest way to eliminate records disputes and to promote open, transparent government.”

You can download a copy of Ohio Sunshine Laws: An Open Government Resource Manual from the AG's website.

It's one of the best resources available for those who want to know and exercise their rights to government access.

If denied records, quoting from the Sunshine manual is pretty powerful tool in pressing your argument for records that have been delayed or denied.

DeWine’s office's also offers a voluntary public-records mediation program that gives citizens and local governments alike a chance to settle disputes by working with state lawyers well versed in Sunshine laws.

Other online resources include a series of informational videos on the state's Sunshine laws and a three-hour version of the open-government training required of all public officeholders and available to the public.