Benjamin J. Marrison commentary: Government secrecy keeps public in the dark

From The Columbus Dispatch Are you a fan of government secrecy?

What if the secrecy involves the taking of a life? What about someone threatening to explode a bomb at your local high school?

These issues are bubbling in central Ohio.

After the state botched its last execution, lawmakers are rushing to pass legislation that would limit information available to the public about executions. If you recall, convicted killer Dennis McGuire gasped and choked for about 20 minutes before succumbing during his Jan. 17 execution.

I’ve heard from folks who have no sympathy for McGuire because he showed none for his victim, a pregnant woman he raped and murdered in 1989.

State officials have said the problems with McGuire’s execution stem from difficulties obtaining the necessary drugs. Some companies that don’t want to be associated with executions have refused to make their drugs available for that purpose. They don’t want to be harassed by protesters.

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