Westlake police found records for GOP but not Dispatch

From The Columbus Dispatch People with Ed FitzGerald’s personal information accessed a state website to check on his driver’s license months before his well-documented woes surfaced in public. And at least one of his county employees learned in early 2012 that the boss did not have a license.

But it’s impossible to identify who used an Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Web page, set up so that Ohioans can check on their own licenses, to look into the Democratic gubernatorial candidate twice last year and five times this year.

“I’m concerned about who accessed it. How much of my personal information did they have?” FitzGerald said. “These are important privacy questions that have ramifications for anybody, whether they are a candidate or not.”

FitzGerald’s campaign said six of the seven checks were unauthorized, including both in 2013. His campaign only once shared his date of birth, driver’s license number and the last four digits of his Social Security number with a former campaign aide to run a check on Aug. 4 or 5 of this year after his driver’s license problems became public.

All of that information is needed to access an individual’s “unofficial” information on the BMV Web page, which shows only whether a license is valid and lists traffic convictions from the previous two years.

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