Democrats propose state-government watchdog measures

From The Columbus Dispatch Even though they know it’s probably futile because they’re Democrats in a GOP-dominated legislative world, a quintet from the minority party rolled out five proposals yesterday to open up state government and bring more accountability to public officials.

“I don’t think this is a Democratic issue or a Republican issue,” said one of the group, Rep. John Patrick Carney of Columbus. “I believe that there are Republicans in the General Assembly who completely agree with us on this issue, and I’m hopeful that they’ll step forward.”

Rep. Mike Curtin of Marble Cliff, said, “The issues we are talking about today are all foundation stones for good government: transparency, accountability, honoring citizens, honoring taxpayers.”

Rep. Connie Pillich of Montgomery acknowledged that the Democrats weren’t raising new issues; some already are contained in Democratic bills, although none has gotten a hearing. But she said governments both in Washington and Columbus are highly unpopular now, and “people are really crying for accountability.”

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